Company X - 16 Countries

Problem: Customer has 16 locations around the globe manufacturing a equipment that resides in clients residential homes.  The problem was determining when the equipment needed to communicate with the company with limited user knowledge and understanding of the technology.

Solution: Thrive Management helped customer developed software that would communicate back to the company telling the database when the equipment needed to be updated. We were able to have this data sent out to the Database and have an order for additional equipment automatically placed, process and shipped to customers home. The info was sent back to the database in Boston and then the database automatically generated an order in Italy or Mexico at one of the manufacturing plants that would then make the equipment to spec of that customer and ship it directly to customer all before the replacement equipment needed changing.

Total solution took less then 2 months to solve and 4 months to fully implement.

Company Y - 15 Countries

Problem: Customer has 15 locations around the globe manufacturing automotive parts. Many thousands of dollars were spent each month shipping engineers around the world so they could look at manufactured parts to determine if they were fully correct.

Solution: Global MPLS network implementation, Video Conferencing via desktop, desk phone, mobile phone and tablets. Also a global Hosted VoIP offering that allowed company to 4 digit dial any of the 800 employees. We also implemented a global file share software making document collaboration simple and easy.

This once fully implemented saved thousands of dollars each month in travel costs and made it so manufacturing didn’t have to stop to have a part checked across the planet. A video call with anyone needed could be started instantly and solve the problem in minutes not weeks.

Company Z - New England

Problem: A regional chain of dental practices needed document collaboration, HIPPA compliant data storage and 4 digit dial between sites.

Solution: After determining the complete network diagram for company Z we needed to find a Hosted VoIP solution that was cost effective, reliable and able to meet all the feature functionality needed. Once we found a provider we were able to smoothly install 350 new IP Handsets across all 35 Locations. This allowed for 4 digit dial everywhere and automatic call routing in the case of network outage or office closure.

We then found a HIPPA compliant data warehouse that would house all of the documents securely in the cloud and it was 5x redundant. This allowed us to move all of the millions of files off site to the cloud with easy access by any employee at any location.

This setup allowed for each office to have more space and made communication much easier. By centralizing the receptionist and sales staff they were able to have all calls come to one site saving thousands on staff and dropped/lost calls.

These are just a few of the many solutions we are able to provide to our customers.

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